Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sarasota Tea Parties

There were two Tea Parties in Sarasota that I know of. I arrived at both of them rather late, because I was y'know, working, and meeting with my accountant after hours upon hours of annual tax prep. I'll never get those hours back. (See the FairTax for a better way)

Anyway, I took some pictures, not award winning stuff, but the 2 images I saw in our local fish-wrapper were terrible, IMO, with hardly any people in them, so maybe these will give a better sense of these Sarasota Tea Partys. Or maybe not, cuz like I said, I got there really late, and a lotta folks had already left.

First up...on 41 in front of Marina Jack's, in front of the Eternal Kiss(?) sailor statue:

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