Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you when you first heard of the attacks?

Patty & I were caught in a major traffic jam in Sarasota, in a place where traffic doesn't normally jam, but caused by Bush's visit to the Booker Elementary School that morning. When we finally got through, and as we were driving past the Sarasota Airport where Air Force One was parked, we started hearing the news on the radio of a small plane that crashed into the World Trade Center. We live near the airport, so we got home quickly, and reports were starting to come in...I sat on the corner of the bed in disbelief for what seemed hours...and then Air Force One started moving live on tv, a couple miles it started to takeoff, we ran outside to our deck which was in the flight path...and watched in amazement and a bit of chilling fear as The President flew by, large and majestic, and so low you could almost reach out and touch it...goosebumps and hair standing on end...and then I returned to the corner of the bed, watching in shocked disbelief....

Regarding The Won's 9/11 speech...

I didn’t hear Obama's whole speech at the Pentagon this morning…I was conflicted by my personal disdain for the man, and a desire to know if he was going to respect the victims or disrespect the day.

A couple things struck me…

For one thing, why is the man, one who hasn’t picked a place of worship since he “reluctantly” disavowed his bosom buddy Jeremiah Wright and Black Liberation Theology, the man who had religious symbols covered up for his speech at Georgetown, a Christian school, now quoting scripture to us?! Has he even been to church since then? Hypocrite.

I also found it distasteful that he made today NOT about the victims or the evil that rained down on us that day and continues to want us dead, but rather about the “volunteers”, and all the good touchy feely-ness about the terrible event that brought us together, even if only for a short time. I find his disrespect of this day disturbing, and screw his “National Day of Service.”

And as others have already pointed out, his words of his mission to “protect” the US are betrayed by his actions at home and his “other” words on foreign (and sometimes enemy) soil overseas, apologizing for America. Don’t bother apologizing for me, Hussein.

And why is he at the Pentagon, but saying “today we are all New Yorkers”? What about the soldiers and the military? You’re at our military HQ…show some respect!

What will it take to keep Dear Leader off our tv’s? In one week, we had the indoctrination of the “schoochildren“, the lies, name-calling and fear-mongering health “care” speech, today’s disrespectful 9/11 speech, and still to come is Sunday’s 60 minutes, and I think another speech on Monday (on Wall Street?) to demonize profits, free-markets and capitalism.

Hmmmm….ok, so that was more than a couple things…


Hussein, you disgust me. Now GET OFF MY TV!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

They don't have "death panels" in the UK...

They call them "death pathways" instead, and they leave it up to the doctors to just deny medications, food, and life-sustaining liquids if they think you're a goner, even if you're not. How's THAT for a shot of reality into the debate over socialized government-run "healthcare".

Sentenced to death on the NHS

A good article on a Democrat?!

Prelude to 2012: how did Democrats let Sarah Palin destroy health care reform with Facebook?by D.K. Jamaal

Sarah Palin Hands Over Power To Alaskas Lt. Gov. Sean ParnellIt’s not even 2012, and Sarah Palin, the “lightweight” Caribou Barbie stupid dumb right-wing inexperienced unqualified unaccomplished religious wacko birther enabling nut that came from Wasilla, has already defeated President Obama.

She has trounced Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

She has trumped MoveOn, ACORN, and Obama’s mass army of volunteers at Organizing for America.

She has out-demagogued the three stooges of MSNBC Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow.

Oh, and she did it with Facebook notes.

Read that again: she did it with Facebook notes.

( the rest...)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BING is now dead to me

On a "bias" note, I just had a bit of a "wow" moment. I've switched to using Bing quite a bit because of the liberal bias of Google (yeah, I realize the irony of using Blogger to post this), but I just tried to do a simple search of "Sarah Palin" there, and got an odd response. I have Bing's "Search Suggestions" turned on, and so after I typed in "Sarah ", a list of suggestions pops down, but strangely, no option for "Palin". But there are options such as "Sarah " Jessica Parker, Brightman, Silverman, Machlachlan, Jessica Parker clothing line, Dessen (who the hell is THAT?!)

So I went a little further, typing in a "Sarah P"...and still no Palin, but instead I get "plain and tall/palan/ purcell/pender/polly/purcell/etc..."

So I try to force the suggestion by typing "Sarah Pali"...and still, the odd suggestions leave out the person, but instead give me her "pastor/son/wardrobe/pregnant daughter/college education/eyeglass prescription/etc..." You get the picture.

So I finish typing the name and hit SEARCH, and what would you guess the top hit was?

The F'n HUFFINGTON POST! "Sarah Palin's CLSA Speech May Be "Borat"-Style…" a small thumbnail pic of Sarah reading and having a cocktail at the pool with the caption "Will Sarah Quit on Asia Too?" linking to an article with that title.


BING is now dead to me, and should be to you too.

…and on a related note, I tried the same thing with Yahoo, and the “Search Suggestions” gave me the right person (Sarah Palin), and the results were much more balanced.

So it’s back to Yahoo for me, unless someone can suggest something better.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Cuda speaks out on Tort Reform

Sarah Palin posted a new "note" on her Facebook page today calling for tort reform to be a focal point of any health insurance reform. Love her (I do) or hate her, she repeatedly demonstrates an ability to focus attention and debate on any issue she chooses, and tort reform is a perfect example. I have seen people at town halls ask their muckety-mucks about tort reform and get blown off and their questions ignored. I have yet to hear P-BO and the rest of our rulers with a (D) behind their names utter the term, and yet the public is clamoring for it.

The Cuda just changed all that with another single opinion piece from the sidelines. “They” will not be able to ignore it now, as in their ongoing rush to discredit her, they will have to confront the issues she brings up, and today’s issue is tort reform. I bet the D’s are glad it’s Friday, and they hope it will all blow over by Monday. It won’t. She brought up the “death panels” about 2 weeks ago, and it’s still being talked about, even by P-BO & Krauthammer, whom I disagree with on this issue.

There is an article written by an Alaskan Fisherman that is so good that I believe it merits linking. He brings up several points about Palin that are largelt ignored by the state-run media.

Alaskan Fisherman talks about Sarah Palin

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scare Farce One does another flyby

Scare Farce One does another flyby, this time of the Statue of Liberty at the New York New York Casino in Las Vegas. After earlier telling business executives that they shouldn't be flying to Vegas for company meetings, The Thug-in-Chief flew in to Las Vegas on the taxpayer dime to raise money for dingy Harry Reid.