Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BING is now dead to me

On a "bias" note, I just had a bit of a "wow" moment. I've switched to using Bing quite a bit because of the liberal bias of Google (yeah, I realize the irony of using Blogger to post this), but I just tried to do a simple search of "Sarah Palin" there, and got an odd response. I have Bing's "Search Suggestions" turned on, and so after I typed in "Sarah ", a list of suggestions pops down, but strangely, no option for "Palin". But there are options such as "Sarah " Jessica Parker, Brightman, Silverman, Machlachlan, Jessica Parker clothing line, Dessen (who the hell is THAT?!)

So I went a little further, typing in a "Sarah P"...and still no Palin, but instead I get "plain and tall/palan/ purcell/pender/polly/purcell/etc..."

So I try to force the suggestion by typing "Sarah Pali"...and still, the odd suggestions leave out the person, but instead give me her "pastor/son/wardrobe/pregnant daughter/college education/eyeglass prescription/etc..." You get the picture.

So I finish typing the name and hit SEARCH, and what would you guess the top hit was?

The F'n HUFFINGTON POST! "Sarah Palin's CLSA Speech May Be "Borat"-Style…" a small thumbnail pic of Sarah reading and having a cocktail at the pool with the caption "Will Sarah Quit on Asia Too?" linking to an article with that title.


BING is now dead to me, and should be to you too.

…and on a related note, I tried the same thing with Yahoo, and the “Search Suggestions” gave me the right person (Sarah Palin), and the results were much more balanced.

So it’s back to Yahoo for me, unless someone can suggest something better.

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