Friday, September 11, 2009

Regarding The Won's 9/11 speech...

I didn’t hear Obama's whole speech at the Pentagon this morning…I was conflicted by my personal disdain for the man, and a desire to know if he was going to respect the victims or disrespect the day.

A couple things struck me…

For one thing, why is the man, one who hasn’t picked a place of worship since he “reluctantly” disavowed his bosom buddy Jeremiah Wright and Black Liberation Theology, the man who had religious symbols covered up for his speech at Georgetown, a Christian school, now quoting scripture to us?! Has he even been to church since then? Hypocrite.

I also found it distasteful that he made today NOT about the victims or the evil that rained down on us that day and continues to want us dead, but rather about the “volunteers”, and all the good touchy feely-ness about the terrible event that brought us together, even if only for a short time. I find his disrespect of this day disturbing, and screw his “National Day of Service.”

And as others have already pointed out, his words of his mission to “protect” the US are betrayed by his actions at home and his “other” words on foreign (and sometimes enemy) soil overseas, apologizing for America. Don’t bother apologizing for me, Hussein.

And why is he at the Pentagon, but saying “today we are all New Yorkers”? What about the soldiers and the military? You’re at our military HQ…show some respect!

What will it take to keep Dear Leader off our tv’s? In one week, we had the indoctrination of the “schoochildren“, the lies, name-calling and fear-mongering health “care” speech, today’s disrespectful 9/11 speech, and still to come is Sunday’s 60 minutes, and I think another speech on Monday (on Wall Street?) to demonize profits, free-markets and capitalism.

Hmmmm….ok, so that was more than a couple things…


Hussein, you disgust me. Now GET OFF MY TV!

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