Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Poll - "Who won the VP Debate?",

re: The St Petersburg Times Poll -

What a bogus poll! The link said "Who won the VP Debate?", but there is no option to select a "Winner!" I'm betting that's because Gov Palin so owned the night while Biden spewed a string of untruths about McCain's record and other inaccuracies. Yet you leftys at the Times gave Biden a higher truthy score on your blantantly biased "Politifact" selection today, then you slam Palin on your editorial page. You say Biden "knows issues" in a headline, ignoring his MANY factual errors, but the best Wes Allison can say about Palin is she "appeared at-ease".

BTW, Drudge has Palin up 70% to Biden's 28% after about 500,000 votes.

The SP Times is so obviously and so far in the tank for Obama its disgusting. It has me considering canceling my subscription, something I already did with the NYT-owned Sarasota Herald-Trib. Keep up the bias guys, and watch your readership wither...something to which I would think your reduced staff would be sensitive.

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