Monday, September 29, 2008


Oh, right...we should exercise our right to vote, as long as it's for Barack Hussein Obama. 'scuse me while I puke

If elected, Obama on his own wouldn't do too much damage to our country (I hope), but with San Fran Nan and Scary Reid pulling his strings to to complete the triumvirate of incompetence with a blank check to pass anything they want, the United States will become the Socialist States almost overnight.

Obama by himself is a rather harmless waffling idiot lawyer with the substance of a soap bubble. But when he gives jobs to his "friends", his darkly corrupt circle of influence who have groomed him for this for years, irreversible damage will be done to our Republic.

I'm an independent, and I'm voting for McCain.

Anyone BUT Obama.


NIPPY said:

"Get out and vote folks and do what you think is best for the world, not just your country."


You've GOT to be kidding! In a world where many places cry "Death to America", even on our own soil (such as that nutjob from Iran who was just in NY spewing his bullshit), and many if not most other countries would like to see a weaker United States, we're supposed to care what the "world" thinks?! That's crazy talk.

For a weaker USA, vote for the community organizer. Why do you think he has been endorsed by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, North Korea, Castro, Qaddafi, etc? Cuz Obama wants to give them all a group hug? Ya, maybe that's it.

A strong USA props up free people and democracies around the world. A strong America also allows us to continue to be the most generous country this planet has ever known. I'm voting for the man who understands the geopolitical ramifications of his decisions, not the guy who waffles and backtracks on his positions in regard to world events until he "gets it right".

Rememeber, you can't vote "Present" as President.


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