Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where in the World is Joe Biden?

"Joe who?" you say? If you recall, he's the guy nominated to be the Democrats VP pick. Apparently he's been traveling the country "campaigning" with nary a reporter in sight. From Jake Tapper's ABC Political Blog comes this:

Joe Who?

Since the Delaware senator left Obama's side and ventured out on his own on Labor Day, he has hardly garnered any national media interest at all.

His plane, a blue chartered 737, now crosses the country with about three-quarters of its seats empty, rows and rows with nary a warm body to be found.

.... Air Joe flew from Wilmington to Charlotte Sunday, the only reporters onboard were off-air reporters from the five television networks and correspondents from NBC and Politico. There was only one camera crew. The back of the plane, reserved for press, sat totally deserted.

The New York Times? Gone. The Washington Post? Not seen since the first days of September. The otherwise ubiquitous Associated Press? Left even before that.

And when the senator spent two straight down days at his Delaware home this weekend, the press corps dwindled further, with some members bolting the "small wonder" state altogether, leaving Wilmington a media ghost town.

On Saturday, only four reporters were around to cover any Biden action. Not that there was any.

Ouch! I feel for the guy, I really do. His spotlight lasted only about 36 hours.

What should he do? Hang on and be part of the greatest presidential political collapse of all time, or bail out now and leave Obama without a wingman? Even if he wants to bail now, no one will want to step into those poison shoes...certainly not Hillary Clinton.

The decision may be out of his hands anyway. It looks to me like he's in a no-win situation.

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