Sunday, September 14, 2008

SNL Palin/Hillary Skit

That Saturday Night Live skit with Tina Fey (Palin) and Amy Poehler (Clinton) is funny stuff! Gov Palin even said so herself...and FWIW, she played Tina Fey before Tina played her.

It could have been MUCH funnier, however, if Obama had showed up as scheduled and stood at the podium between the two women who have been kicking his ass since oh, last Feb or so. Hillary won like 12 of the last 15 primary states, and if I recall, even some states AFTER she had withdrawn her bid, or maybe that was just polling results. Either way, THAT's gotta hurt. And Sarah has been kicking his ass bigtime since the RNC.

"Psssst, Hey Big O!'re doing it're supposed to be running against John McCain!"

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