Thursday, July 31, 2008

John Edwards is sooooo busted!

What's up with John Edwards, and why isn't the MSM covering it? The National Enquirer has been relentlessly investigating Edwards since last year, when they outed Edwards' baby momma (Rielle Hunter) and love child. Edwards was able to lie his way out of that one, with the help of his friends, but this time he was caught with his pants down. Well, not really, but probably not far from it.
Hey John, you scumbag, how's the wife doing with her battle against cancer.

This guy was being talked about as a possible vice presidential candidate just a few short weeks ago. And now that there is basically confirmation of his alleged philandering and the alleged resultant love child, the main stream media is covering for him by not covering the story! It's not terribly surprising though, because the story might make Dems look bad, so of course it must be buried. (Too bad guys, the word is getting out anyway)

Kudos to the National Enquirer for staying on the story.

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