Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is Obama's Moment? Really?

"This is the moment"? Is that the best BH Obama can do to shoot for a memorable line from his speech in Berlin today? Lame. What a load of hooey he was spewing, more like an Obama pep rally...good thing Germans can't vote. It sounded as if Mr "Citizen of the World" wants to be Mr President of the World. I want a citizen of the United States who wants to be President of the United States., not to turn it into some Euro-style socialist utopia.

And what's the deal with him "apologizing" for our country. Screw him...he doesn't speak for me. This country has done more good than ANY other and it's people are the most generous on the planet, even in challenging economic times.

Funny, ALLLL this attention he's getting, but no bump in the polls, still nearly even-steven, within the margin of error. The same way it has looked for some weeks now. If I were a bettin' man, I'd that bet BH Obama's honeymoon with America will be over by the time the polls open in November. People will get wise to his schtick, tired of his position-shifting, and resentful that he already presumes he is President, and then will pull the lever for McCain.

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